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 The Cursed One

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Rock Bird

Rock Bird

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PostSubject: The Cursed One   Sat Dec 13, 2008 3:28 pm

The Cursed One

One day or another, when I'll become a bother,

Searching for my brother, that's lying next to me

I will realise, that I must memorise,

That I must keep inside, the answers from between.

One day or another, when I will obtain the other

It won't become a bother, a bother to forget.

Forget the other, forget the brother,

It won't become a bother, a bother to forget.

One day or another, when I will find my brother,

When I will find the other, when I won't be a bother

When I will control my anger, when I will help the other

You will become another, another curse to me.


The Letter

The letter or the matter,
The matter of the latter,
Why does it even matter,
If I lose that letter?

The lesser thing than anger,
The center with the dagger,
Which dagger in the center,
It's the bitter from the letter?

The faster thing than ever,
The hacker of the matter,
Will see the letter
But this doesn't matter.



~ part 1 ~

Everywhere and nowhere, I'm looking there
At all those things that I have to bear,
A vivid light, searching from where
The darkest voice that only I hear
Tells me I shouldn't be here,
And then it shouts into my ear
"Kill your soul and die, my dear!"

And it took me everywhere, starting from where
The nature and the nightmare at which I glared
The unsecured rasure started to revere
While the rare rapture began to sere
And the vampire started to fear
Unaware of his own sphere, when settled the umpire
Is he going to be free, or will he no longer be?


Wind's Road

In the end, with no one near,
The almighty has appeared
Softly speaking into my ear:
"You must now choose your road, my dear.

Choose the left road over here,
And the dark voices that you will hear
The things that slightly disappeared,
They'll make you kill yourself, my dear.

Stay on the road where you are now,
And things will continue to go how
They did before, repeating and you know,
Till the suicidal thought will start to grow,
Devouring your soul till you'll be gone.

But rise your head and look at right,
There's your first path full of light;
There's where your future can be bright
The wind's road full of might.

What do you choose? "

"What I choose it's my choice,
So wind, listen to my voice
Listen to it as you always did
And tell me what I should do.

What should I do?"

" To stay and not to stray,
Because, as you saw today,
After you realised yesterday
And the day before it and so on.

Your road is not the same
The same with different names
Come back to the origins,
And even before that,

Because when you come with us
You have to stay with us
Forever. "

"Then so be it, as you say:
Gone with the wind, on the Wind's Road
In the places where I will grow,
Fly with my wings, like I did before
And I will stay on the good wind's side



~ part 2 ~

The voices are gone, and I can't get back home
My friends are back, but nothing's on crack
Not anymore, I just don't want it like before
And so my gain, won't go like rain.
While I opened the door, in search for more
You locked it back, now I'm back on track.
I want fear gone, I don't want home.

Fear is still here, fear is still near
It turns our hearts, into games of darts;
When you two meet, or when you speak
It makes you weak, when it's too deep.
Covered in fear, afraid of losing someone dear
Hiding behind masks, these are the real facts.
Now on the inside, you must have realised:
You want fear gone, or else you're done.


The Spark

~ part 1 ~

He wanted to kill, that was his will
To pay the bill, in order to fulfill
In feeding his pill, unable to stay chill
All this nonsense till, he felt down hill.
Hurt, he got ill, sitting under a grill
Running from his will, consumed by that pill.

She wanted to stay, but maybe she may
Have tried to say, that he can relay
On her every day. No need to pay
Or, to be at bay, because their way
Is like running away, on a big highway
But then you stay, and down you lay.

He's an undead, and he's in my head
When he was mad, I began seeing red;
We wanted her dead, that's where it led
Thoughts that were bad, stupid I could add
She was so sad, while crying in bed...
There's where it led; what was in my head?

Pareri? :3
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Rock Bird

Rock Bird

Female Number of posts : 9
Age : 27
Location : Arad
Job/hobbies : AMV Editor
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Registration date : 2008-12-13

PostSubject: Re: The Cursed One   Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:20 am

O incercare in romana:

8. Şoim cu aripa tăiată

Īntr'o lume minunată, de complexe măcinată,
Cu poteca derivată, chiar de frică decimată
Ce ar zice că'i uitată, chiar de toţi abandonată;
Masca mult prea căutată, puritatea nesalvată
Speranţa abandonată, iluzia revendicată
Ce's la suprafaţa plată, şoim cu aripa tăiată.

Egoul vostru cel mare, se uită cu nepăsare,
Şi scufundă īn uitare, toate lucrurile care
Nu's după a sa dictare, căci el este cel mai tare;
Dar nu şi cel care are, drept să pună după bare
Să vă ţină īn visare, cu iluzii drept māncare
Şi o mască care pare, fără şanse pe'o cărare.

Oameni plini de vise false, ipocriţi şi plini de farse
Ce v'aruncaţi de pe case, vreţi ca alţii să vă lase,
Care aveţi texte groase, sau băgaţi frica īn mase;
Voi aveţi statuturi joase, puneţi etichete roase
Aripa'mi tăiaţi din oase, şi apoi trăgeaţi foloase
Iar cel ce vă ridicase, primea vorbe dureroase.

Eu nu vreau poteca voastră, să sar cu voi pe fereastră
Să nu trag vreo'nvăţătură, totul doar o'nvārtitură,
Om īntr'o adunătură, blocat īn adāncitură
Să mai trag o căzătură, să nu mai dau de căldură.
Doar că nu mai sunt o chioară, nici nu am rămas o cioară
Eu sunt şoim, nu geamandură; cu voi n'am vreo legătură!


Scris pe data de Vineri, 13 Februarie 2009. Lucky day indeed. Voiam doar sa scap de haosul pe care'l aveam prin cap. Practic nici un vers nu are legatura cu altul.


~ part 3 ~

I don't give a damn to know who I am,
Or be like them: ashes against the grain
To think the same and be lost in the rain
I'm not like Kain or just another Lain.

Do you think my resistance is in vain
Just because this is your complex damn game?

You already know that I don't need fame
Or something else just in order to tame
The ones that will not accept your true name
Who will eventually destroy your game.

Still think that my resistance is in vain
Just because this is our complex damn game?

You gave them fake roads then make them feel free
And now all you want is to make them agree
That they must help the other ones to see:
In their illusions it's a hell to be.

Do you think that I will let you use me
And be a part of your entire scheme?

You think I will regret defying you
Because I will screw everything I do
And then, with no more power to see through,
I will suffer seeing my life's review.

Still think I will allow you to use me
And become something worse than a banshee?

I don't give a damn to know who I am
I've had enough of this stupid exam,
I'm sick and tired to be their codemn
I'm just bored and dissappointed by them.

Can't you see I'm too bored of beeing Flame,
And I'm too tired for your stupid game?

Pareri? x3
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The Cursed One
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